Current WIP and planned changes
  • Alternate light skin for the site
  • Permalinks displayed for each article
  • Facebook "Recommend" button for each article
  • AJAX image loading for all large images used in articles
  • An "About the Roach" section
  • A rating system for users to rate content on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Overhaul of the "recent stuff" widget logic
Recent Changes
23rd May 2010
Image Pre-loader active
An image pre-loader script has been integrated into the homepage to load all images that are used by the site in its layout. The pre-loader loads the images in the background using AJAX to help speed up page load times for first time visitors.
22nd May 2010
Open Graph Protocol test
The new Open Graph Protocol and the associated Facebook “Like” button have been implemented on the homepage as a test.
22nd May 2010
Switched to new Open Graph SDK
Facebook Connect has been replaced by the Open Graph and Facebook has released a new JavaScript SDK. The site has shifted to using this new SDK that is loaded asynchronously to help pages load faster.
21st May 2010
New article headers introduced
Continuing the site facelift, the article header bar that shows the article title and date has been changed, and some formatting fixes have been rolled out.
17th May 2010
Breadcrumbs implemented
The site now displays breadcrumbs in the form of a path in the page header. Clicking on the TiR logo will return you to the homepage, and clicking on the links between the slashes will take you to the appropriate landing page for that section or sub-section.
17th May 2010
Navigation menu and Recent Stuff major re-skin
The navigation menu look has been changed to look much more integrated with the site and highlight it further to users. New square icons have replaced the earlier rounded rectangles. The “recent stuff” widget has also been re-skinned to follow a matching theme.
23rd Apr 2010
Firefox and Google Chrome display fixed
The site did not display correctly in Firefox and Google Chrome earlier. The CSS has been overhauled now so that it displays correctly in them now. However some scripts used on the site do not function perfectly in these browsers yet.
19th Apr 2010
Recents implemented
A new widget that shows 5 recent articles before and after the current article is now in the right column of all content pages. It uses PHP to get the names of the articles from the MySQL DB and hyperlinks to them.
19th Apr 2010
Navigation menu re-skinned
The navigation menu has been modified to make it more clearly noticeable to users.
12th Apr 2010
Experimental Canvas page created
TiR is registered as an Application on Facebook when it launched, but has no Canvas page. This was a first attempt at creating one so that people who add the application could check for site updates while on Facebook itself.


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