Current WIP and planned changes
  • Alternate light skin for the site
  • Permalinks displayed for each article
  • Facebook "Recommend" button for each article
  • AJAX image loading for all large images used in articles
  • An "About the Roach" section
  • A rating system for users to rate content on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Overhaul of the "recent stuff" widget logic
Recent Changes
21st Feb 2010
Switched to Server-side pagination
Using PHP to retrieve a single article per page. The main reason for this is because with the Facebook comments widget for each story, having multiple stories per page makes the page very heavy and long. Using server-side pagination and loading a single article per page allows for much faster loading and dynamically loading the correct comments widget for each article.
20th Feb 2010
Facebook Connect integration
Facebook JavaScript SDK and comments widget integrated with pages.
6th Feb 2010
newsfeed section is now an independent page
Separated homepage and newsfeed as JQuery DIV transitioning between the two was interfering with the new Client-side pagination.
6th Feb 2010
Client-side pagination introduced
Using JQuery in combination with the dynamic content loading from a database, this allows for displaying 3 stories per page for the newsfeed, and pagination controls to see older stories.
5th Feb 2010
Switched to dynamic loading of content on pages
Instead of content stored as part of the HTML, now content is retrieved from a MySQL database using PHP.
30th Jan 2010
newsfeed section active
The newfeed and homepage are the same HTML page that use JQuery to transition the currently visible DIV. The newsfeed is a static page displaying a single story. The right column on the page is currently unused.
30th Jan 2010
TiR homepage comes online
Hosted on Linux shared server.


TiR's history, starting 5th October, 1982!

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