Current WIP and planned changes
  • Alternate light skin for the site
  • Permalinks displayed for each article
  • Facebook "Recommend" button for each article
  • AJAX image loading for all large images used in articles
  • An "About the Roach" section
  • A rating system for users to rate content on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Overhaul of the "recent stuff" widget logic
Recent Changes
9th Apr 2010
Flowplayer integrated
Flowplayer is an FLV player that plays embedded Flash videos on a page, similar to YouTube. It is currently used in the first article in the robotlab section.
9th Apr 2010
robotlab section active
The robotlab section opens with its first article.
27th Mar 2010
Pagination numbering reversed
The pagination controls have been modified and numbering order reversed. Older pages are numbered lower and are shown to the right of newer pages now. The �next� and �prev� pagination controls have been re-branded as �newer� and �older� to make things clearer.
27th Mar 2010
Dynamic loading of right column achieved
The DB structure of all tables has been changed so that each entry can also store information about what is to be displayed in the right column. This allows dynamic loading of content in the right column to correspond with the currently displayed article. This has been effectively used to load the �People in this Story� part for each article.
26th Mar 2010
Pagination logic overhauled
The old pagination logic caused the newest article to be displayed as Article 1. Each time a new article was added it would become Article 1. As a result old links shared on Facebook would end up pointing to the wrong article. This has been fixed now. The links now are like Permalinks and will point to the correct article always.
14th Mar 2010
Facebook Fanbox test
The Fanbox widget was initially added to the homepage as a test but was spoiling the look. It has been added into a newsfeed article now.
10th Mar 2010
writing section active
Opens with the first article. All content loaded from MySQL DB using PHP with server-side pagination.
6th Mar 2010
Static �People in this Story�
Using Facebook Connect, a static pop-out of the article on a page shows thumbnail pictures of people mentioned in or related to the article. Clicking on the thumbnails takes you to the person�s Facebook profile.
6th Mar 2010
On-page navigation menu implemented
Now each page has a small navigation menu in the right column. The navigation menu consists of icons representing each section of the site that show the section name as a tooltip when you hover over them.
6th Mar 2010
roachLab section active
The section currently contains the Timeline that shows the history behind the site.


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