This render, although never "complete", was one of my first masterpieces... I guess masterpieces are never supposed to be complete. The size of this render was a ridiculous 4096 x 3072 pixels, an unheard of resolution back in the day. It would also kill my computer every time I opened it in Photoshop to edit (another reason why it was never completed).

Why such a large render? If you look closely, there are some really minute details... You can see individual missiles - each leaving their own missile trails. I was the first to use smudged lens-flares for the engines like I mentioned earlier, but using them for missile trails took it to a whole new level. This was also the first render to show explosions and dismembered craft.

Created: 18th Jan 2002

The various ship models used for this render is from the game Descent FreeSpace, a brilliant space simulator from Interplay and Volition, released March, 1998.