I guess some of you may have thought that the Roach is dead / has given up on being incredible after the last post here back in March... (There was a new article up in May though in the writing section. Also Roaches don't die. They just act dead to massage the slipper-wielder's ego... not sure why). The truth is, while the Roach has lost a fair deal of interest thanks to the lack of interest his interesting online activities seem to generate in the interesting people claiming to be interested in his sometimes-interesting life, he has also lost all his free time and some of his hair.

I have been spending an unhealthy amount of time at work of late. While the work is interesting (fear not - that shall be the only time "interesting" will appear in this sentence), the amount of time it eats up leaves none for nice things like tending to the plants or the wife.

I hear they've been drinking together a lot of late... discussing a certain someone...
Incidentally, this very site you are now on is the reason why the Roach is in this strange pickle. Although I am supposed to be a Business Analyst by designation, it is my comfort and interest with all things Web that got me pulled into a project where they desperately needed a Web UI specialist. I guess I am secretly also The incredible Spider, missing two legs.

So what is an unhealthy amount of time at work? Working from 11:00 to 02:00 for almost 3 weeks straight, including weekends. Yes, I think that would qualify. Apart from literally being a pain in the neck, it also means eating rubbish for dinner, not sleeping enough, zero exercise, and no time for the very thing that has made me a critical resource. It has taught me how to write far more efficient JQuery code though, and how to deal with possibly the worst browser ever... and left me itching to give the site an overhaul using my now well-exercised skillz. It has also left me completely confused about what I should do with my career - stick on the Analyst path, or dive into doing what I do as hobby for $$$. I guess the second option sounds like it makes more sense, but it could also end up killing my interest in doing more of the same thing once I get off work.

I thought things would be like on the left... then Life gave me a swift pie to the face.
Anyway, I think the worst of the crazy work hours is now over, and the Roach should be able to return to his schedule of highly irregular updates, for as long as it takes him to lay his hands on a copy of Battlefield 3... after which he may end up spending an unhealthy amount of time at play.